Are you in a committed relationship?

The RELATionship Evaluation Questionnaire (RELATE) is specifically designed to help guide you and your partner to have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect marital satisfaction. Identifying trouble spots and common ground using RELATE often helps people determine whether to continue, deepen, or end the relationship. For marrieds, RELATE helps couples understand and improve their most important relationship.


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Note: In order to receive a comprehensive RELATE report, both you and your partner should each purchase the online RELATE assessment. Your individual assessments will then be linked together.


Who is RELATE for?

You should take RELATE if you are in a committed relationship, whether that be engagement, marriage, serious dating, or cohabiting. You can take RELATE with or without a participating partner, but we strongly recommend that both partners take the questionnaire for best results. The questionnaire takes about one hour to complete, and the RELATE report is available for printing moments after both partners have completed the questionnaire.


What does RELATE include?

RELATE features 276 questions focused on the four major areas influencing marital satisfaction: personality/values, family and friend support, communication skills, and upbringing/background. After completing RELATE online, you’ll receive a downloadable/printable RELATE report. This report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

  • Color bar graphs illustrating how you and your partner rated yourself and each other in eight areas of personality, from sociability to self-esteem
  • Comparisons of your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more
  • Insights on how your childhood experiences, from parental happiness to conflict resolution, have shaped your relationship style
  • Identification of problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more
  • Identification of your strengths as a couple
  • Suggestions for improving your relationship and resources you can use to start productive discussions and move to the next step


What are the benefits of RELATE?

Insight into your relationship. A better understanding of your partner. And perhaps most importantly, RELATE will deliver specific information you can use to have real discussions about your problems, challenges, and concerns.

RELATE will equip you with the resources you need as a couple to strengthen your bond—or in some instances, dissolve it. Despite its validity and reliability, however, know that RELATE does not replace couples counseling, nor will your report advise you to continue or terminate a relationship—only YOU can determine that.

What you’ll get with RELATE is a scientific view of a love relationship—an objective inventory of your relationship’s most pivotal factors, presented in a clear, readable summary. It’s all online, so it’s easy, convenient and secure. Start building your future together—by spending an hour with RELATE.


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