The Relate Institute is a non-profit organization that has helped tens of thousands of couples and individuals improve their ability to find success as relationship partners.

We believe that all may benefit from assessing personal strengths and weaknesses as relationship partners through the use of our Relate and Ready assessments. Our goal is to work to help make relationship success a reality by sharing our assessments to as many couples and individuals as we can reach.

The Relate Assessment has undergone several major evolutions since its conception over 30 years ago.  The first version of Relate’s assessment was developed by Wesley R. Burr in 1980. It was initially named Marital Inventories. After 10 years of successful use with premarital couples, it was replaced by the PREParation for Marriage (PREP-M), which also primarily focused on the premarital relationship. In the fall of 1997, the Relate Assessment was released. This new version of the questionnaire was designed for use with individuals or couples who are single and unattached, steady dating, engaged, cohabiting, married, or contemplating remarriage. Tens of thousands of couples and individuals have benefited from these questionnaires during the past 20 years. It is now the most comprehensive premarital/marital assessment available.


RELATE Institute Executive Board


Dr. Brian Willoughby Director


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Dr. Jon Sandberg Board Member

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Dr. Jason Carroll Board Member

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Dr. Dean Busby Board Member

Dr. Jeffry Larson Board Member