Dating and Dogs

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Anyone who knows me knows that dogs are my favourite part of the world. If someone had proposed to me before my husband just by offering me a puppy and a ring, I would have almost certainly said yes.

As terrible as that may seem, it appears that I’m not entirely alone in my love for animals affecting how I date. A recent study entitled “The Roles of Pet Dogs and Cats in Human Courtship and Dating” concluded that women find pet owners more attractive than non-pet owners.

The study relied on the results of questionnaires completed by 2,300 users of

The gist of it


more likely to have been attracted to someone because he had a pet. often felt that a relationship could not work with a “cat person”. reported frequently judging a date based on how her pet(s) reacted, and more likely to judge a date based on how they reacted to her pet(s). less likely to date someone who didn’t like pets. more commonly reported being attracted to men with pets in their online dating profile ... Read more »