3.1 Rules to Marriage Fights

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There is No One-Size-Fits-All Regimen to Marriage Arguments, but These Are a Few Recommendations.


Some of the most challenging parts of a young marriage are the biases and preconceived notions that a partner will bring to a relationship from his or her parents. Yes, we come into a relationship very biased on how it needs to function; and that prejudice usually comes from our experience and observations with our parents.

If partners come from families with very different marriages, undoing the 20 plus years of indoctrination from the parents is not easy. Many young couples struggle to realize and understand that healthy relationships do not have a one-size-fits-all regimen for success.

Early on in our marriage, my wife and I sat down and talked about behaviors we did not want to see in our marriage based on observations of our parents.I  cannot say that we have it perfectly figured out, but we have developed 3.1 key rules that seem to work well for us:

1. Always and never

Open verbal fights were a part of my parents’ marriage, and I did not agree with ... Read more »