What Are Good Marriage Values? Happiness Is Not One of Them!

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To Be Successful In Any Relationship, Certain Values Should Be Practiced Daily By All Those Involved.


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What Makes You Happy

This generation has been misled since they were born with the common phrase of, “go and do what makes you happy.” I know many students who arrive to their first day of work with the mindset of, “here I am! Now, make me happy.” The world just does not work that way, and, frighteningly so, neither does marriage.

I think a lot of newlywed’s approach marriage the very same way. “Okay, [spouse], here I am. Now make me happy.” Marriage is a lot of work. Unless you love never-ending selfless work with little praise, you may find yourself in a place you did not expect. While happiness can be the result of good things happening to us, it is more often the result of ourselves being in a good place. That is, we are happy with our character, our integrity, and our ... Read more »