What To Expect Even When You’re Not Expecting

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It appears that almost everything in life comes with some sort of How-To guide. Whether it’s How to Ace a Job Interview or How to Assemble Your Ikea Furniture, there always seems to be someone who has prepared a step-by-step process to get you through any challenge that comes your way. One of the most life changing experiences someone can go through simultaneously appears to have both no guide and all the unsolicited advice you could ever ask for. I’m of course referring to the wonderful and terrifying experience becoming a parent.

While there are hundreds of books dedicated to parenting any kind of child you could imagine, there is one particular part of the experience that gets a lot less attention: the transition from being a couple into being parents. How do you successfully prepare for children with your partner? Here are some areas couple should focus on as they begin to prepare for or consider having children.

If, when, and how many?

The first decision facing a couple is whether or not to have children. Becoming a parent ... Read more »