The 100% Relationship Guarantee

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We have all seen some television ad claiming that if you try some product the company is willing to give a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee!”  If you buy their product and aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it, get your money back, and pretend the purchase never happened.  

As this tactic is so extremely prevalent in our modern culture, you would have to live in the middle of the wilderness somewhere to avoid seeing it used. In fact, this method seems to have become part of how we treat other aspects of life as well.

Especially relationships.

However, I would like to share with you the harsh reality revealed across relationship studies: there is no 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and trying to find one is 99% sure to fail. (Like 53% of statistics, the 99% is made up on the spot).  Here are three reasons why we want a guarantee in our relationships and why such thinking may cause more problems than we think.

No Need to Commit

Companies often use the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee tactic to build a new customer base.  It provides ... Read more »

Should You Find Your Soul Mate?

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You can certainly see the appeal of a soul mate. Somewhere, someone is out there that is destined to be with you. Someone who will make your happier and more satisfied than anyone else in the world. With our lives full of stress and heartache, this beacon of hope can make us strive forward in relationship after relationship, seeking that one and only true love. Movies and TV shows perpetuate this idea, showing us happy couple after happy couple that have overcome all obstacles to be together. But soul mates are often discussed in the relationship research as a myth – an idea that holds no truth in the empirical data we see. Yet the idea continues to remain for many of us. Should it? Are soul mates even worth search for? Simply put, probably not. But the answer why may give you some insights into how to improve your existing or future relationships.

1. Searching for soul mates make us think the grass is always greener

Finding a soul mate puts a lot of pressure on you. Even if you think there are 5, 10, or even 50 “soul-mates” out ... Read more »