The Ripe Age for Marriage

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Have you ever been given the advice that you should wait to marry until after 25, or maybe even as late as 30? Would you give that same advice to someone else?

Chances are, most of us have heard at some point in our lives that getting married too young is a recipe for disaster. And when it comes to basic divorce statistics, such wisdom seems to be supported. But what is too young? Is there really something magical about 25 years old?

According to Norval Glenn at the University of Texas at Austin, 25 years does make a significant difference in the success of marriage, but it may not be in the direction you think.

The Best Age

In his study, Glenn argues that one of the main reasons we are seeing a large incline in the average at at first marriage, approaching 30 for men and 28 for women, is consistent findings in research that the risk of divorce continues to drop with age. Teen weddings are clearly not supported. And since 30 year olds show a lower risk of divorce ... Read more »

Say No to Consumer Weddings

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Most of us dream of that one day of bliss and absolute joy when we say “I do.”  We plan for it almost from the day we are born, or so it seems, and fantasize about how beautiful it will be.  And when that day comes, we find ourselves in a flurry of action to make it all happen.

But do we ever get so focused on making everything match our fairytale, that we go too far?

Statistics show that the average wedding in the United States costs a staggering $30,000.  And chances are few people are able to actually pay that full amount in cash.  Instead, many of us are willing to go into debt for the perfect day.  And yet, a recent study from Linda Skogrand and a team of researchers at Utah State University showed that starting marriage with large amounts of debt puts couples at major risk for divorce.

So how do we cut down costs without losing the beauty of the day?  Here are three tips to having a successful wedding:

Stay Focused on the Reason

The reason most ... Read more »